Best chiropractor in Gilbert Arizona

Our Mission

At Leading Edge Medical, our mission is to treat each patient with as much care as we would our own family. We believe in a team approach to give you the most complete care possible. We are passionate about your success and we don’t give up easily. Whatever ales you, we want to find you the proper treatment and get you on the road to a pain-free life. Along with our in-office staff, we work with doctors and surgeons to find the care that is right for you.

About The Practice

Leading Edge Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, is an integrative medical clinic, offering both traditional medical and chiropractic treatments for pain relief. We specialize in auto injury, chronic pain relief, workman’s comp and weight-loss using invisa-RED technology.
With our emphasis on pain relief without surgery, our team at Leading Edge Medical has helped hundreds of adults and children find long-lasting relief from chronic pain without the use of narcotics or surgery. Our mission is to identify the root of pain and eliminate it, rather than taking a band-aid approach.

Our Chiropractor, Physician’s Assistant and Rehabilitation Specialist can prescribe traditional, non-narcotic medications and/or therapies when necessary to control pain or resolve underlying conditions and disease. The team also uses regenerative medicine to give your body the tools to heal itself.
You’ll never feel rushed during your examination or treatment. The Leading Edge Medical team takes time to learn as much about your acute or chronic injury, your condition and pain. The expert medical professionals can take care of every member of your family, from children to the elderly.

Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, sciatica, back pain, auto injury, chronic pain, or other conditions, the caring team at Leading Edge Medical can help. Many men, women, and children who have suffered years of ineffectual treatments at other facilities finally get pain relief after they come to us.

Using modalities such as the decompression table, electrical stimulation, stem cells, PRF injections, invisa-Red technology, trigger point injections, targeted massage and rehabilitation exercises and stretching, you’ll find the cutting-edge treatment that is best for you.