How Invisa-Red Differs From Other Body Contouring Procedures

Non-invasive body contouring is an exciting emerging field in medical aesthetics. Several systems have already gained Food and Drug Administration approval for reducing stores of fat as non-invasive alternatives to liposuction surgery. If you’ve worked hard through diet and exercise, these body contouring systems can help you firm up those areas that never seem to respond to your slimming efforts.

But even though these systems banish fat from your problem spots, most offer only superficial contouring for patients who are at or near their optimal weight. Their manufacturers recommend against their systems as any sort of weight-loss method, though of course some weight loss is incidental with the corresponding loss of fat cells.

Only the Invisi-RED™ Elite series body contouring system also gives you a weight-loss boost, along with reshaping fat stores.

Non-invasive lipolysis

First, let’s look at what these systems have in common. Body contouring through fat reduction means that adipose tissue, the body’s storehouse for fat, must be disrupted in such a way that the body flushes excess cells through the lymphatic system.

Non-invasive systems use two general approaches: heating or cooling fat cells. Once the temperature of the adipose tissue is sufficiently altered, your body perceives these cells as damaged and starts the process of disposing the cells.

Invisa-RED uses warming action, but unlike other systems that use either radiofrequency energy or lasers, Invisa-RED uses a combination of infrared and near-infrared light. This is the same energy that makes your skin feel warm when you’re in the sun, opposite the color spectrum from the burning ultraviolet radiation from which you need protection.

Just as the healthy light rays of the sun interact with your body, so do the therapeutic effects of the Invisa-RED system.

The Invisa-RED difference

Most body sculpting systems that use light energy to warm fat cells use a single wavelength of light for that job. It works fine in that role, removing adipose tissue for body sculpting purposes. In fact, part of the Invisa-RED system uses exactly this principle.

Where other systems stop, though, Invisa-RED goes beyond. The extended wavelengths provide other active benefits beyond coagulating fat. There’s a reason it feels good to sit in the sun, and many of those health benefits come from treatment with Invisa-RED, without exposure to harmful UV rays.

Vascular activity and blood circulation in treatment areas receive a boost. Your blood carries the regenerative resources used to repair damage and replace tissue in your body, so better blood flow means better healing. Better circulation starts a cascade of health benefits.

Benefits of Invisa-RED

Invisa-RED stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a natural chemical that’s essential to your body’s metabolism. Muscles in the treatment zone relax and nerves transmit better. This reinforces natural healing processes, and hormones such as adrenal, endorphins, and enkephalins also get a boost. Support and connective tissue, such as collagen, are stimulated by the wide-spectrum red light of Invisa-RED.

These effects on your metabolic process are a terrific match for the body contouring effects of the system. Not only are you losing fat cells in Invisa-RED treatment areas, you’re gaining a fat-burning metabolic boost, so weight loss is a natural effect of therapy for many patients.

Not all body sculpting procedures are equal. Contact Leading Edge Medical to learn more about how the technology behind Invisa-RED can help you achieve your body image goals.

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