What kinds of injuries are caused by auto accidents?

Whether high or low impact, the speed and force of an automobile accident can cause severe damage to your bones, organs, and tissues. Even after the initial injury has apparently healed, you may have lingering injuries or weakened tissue or nerves that continue to hurt.

A common injury caused by car wrecks, whiplash occurs when your head and neck are thrust quickly back and forth or from side to side. Whiplash can cause serious complications, including concussions and chronic pain or disability.

The emotional trauma of an accident injury can also affect your body and keep you in a pain state. A car accident can trigger post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). With PTSD, you may have nightmares or continue to feel unsafe.

What if I don’t feel any pain after an auto accident?

An auto accident is a highly traumatic incident that unleashes the hormone adrenaline, and adrenaline can numb your pain directly after the crash. Sometimes pain doesn’t even show up until days or weeks after the initial injury. Whiplash symptoms, for instance, can be delayed for weeks.

When should I seek treatment for an auto accident injury?

After your acute injuries have been addressed at the emergency room, you should consult with the professionals at Leading Edge Medical. Even if you think you have no injuries at all, the doctors thoroughly examine you for signs of spinal misalignment and tissue damage that could cause chronic pain and other problems if not caught and treated in time.

What are my treatment options for auto accident injuries?

Medical treatments for auto accident injuries

Medical treatment for auto accident injuries includes over-the-counter analgesics (aspirin) or NSAIDs (ibuprofen) as needed, as well as short-term, non-narcotic prescription drugs when necessary.

If you have painful trigger points — knots in your muscles — your doctor may give you trigger-point injections of an analgesic or an analgesic combined with a corticosteroid. Massage can also help your tissues heal.

Depending on the extent and severity of your injuries, your doctor may recommend rehab therapy. They will also give you exercises to do at home to facilitate healing and quick recovery.

Chiropractic treatments for auto accident injuries

Chiropractic treatment for auto accident injuries aims to restore your spine to a healthy alignment so that your body functions at its best. Your chiropractor’s mission is to create a state called “homeostasis” in your body, in which your body can heal itself.

You may also receive an innovative treatment called the Graston Technique®, which uses specialized tools to break up and smooth out your scar tissue, providing pain relief and accelerated healing.

Don’t risk developing chronic pain after an auto injury. Contact the warm and helpful team at Leading Edge Medical by phone or email form.