Ben and his team are the best! I was recommended to Leading Edge Medical months ago after a bad injury to my lower back at the gym. They got me in the same day and I was able to go multiple times a week and in about a 3 weeks I was good to go! They have a plethora of treatments that they use and they will try different methods until they find one that works for you! I would highly recommend them!

thumb Hunter B.

  This office is amazing! Dr. Johnson is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been too...and I have seen many. Office staff is so nice and helpful. Office is always clean and welcoming! Dr. Johnson is the ONLY person I have ever let adjust my neck and he is great!
Massage therapist is wonderful and has helped me heal throughout my injuries!!!
This will be my office for as long as I live in Arizona.
Oh and I drive 45 minutes to see them...well worth the drive 🙂

thumb Heather S.

  I have been to many Chiropractors in my life but Dr. Johnson and his team are by far the best. I'm so grateful that I found them. My son referred me to Leading Edge Medical and loves them as well.
Everyone there listens and truly cares about their patients. I know they want the best for me as a human being and as a patient. I just can't say enough about how wonderful and caring they all are. If you are needing a Chiropractor you should really give Dr. Johnson and his team a try, I'm sure you will be glad that you did.

thumb John L.

  Dr. Johnson has been a life saver for me and my husband! His office is clean and well equipped in addition to have the kindest staff I've ever encountered at a medical office. He knows his business and I feel comfortable getting treated by him. This is huge coming from me as I hate hearing my joints crack and even cringe at the thought.

thumb Brittany C.

  I went in with horrible power back pain and left with zero pain. Dr. Ben's gentle adjustment was just what I needed! Now my daughter and I go to him continuously. I've tried a few different chiropractic locations and Leading Edge is my absolute favorite.

thumb Heather L.

  I started going to Leading Edge Medical after being rear ended in my car. Any more than 10-15 mins looking down and I was forced lay on ice packs for 30 mins. Having a new baby, dishes, cooking, playing, changing...it was horrible.

I've been to a few other chiros throughout the years, some were great, others no so great...

Dr. Ben is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to.

I am now almost back to normal after a few weeks of treatments. I can't stress how big of a relief this is!

Everyone in the office is friendly, helpful and knowable. The location is great- parking, cleanliness, and welcoming.

And something I never would have planned, after seeing the Family Nurse Practitioner Ashley for some injections, I was so happy and impressed that FNP Ashley at Leading Edge Medical is now my primary care provider.

I had my 2nd appointment there and we went over my blood work and and finally tackling some issues that have been bothering me that I wasn't tracking.

Can't say enough good things about Leading Edge, so happy that my wife is also making the switch for PCP!

thumb Stephen G.

  Dr Ben is wonderful! Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and takes time to listen to where you are having problems/pain. I also appreciate that I'm never pressured into coming back - but being so well taken care of makes me want to come back!! I feel amazing after I leave. Oh, and Dr Ben takes walk-ins too, on most days. HIGHLY recommend. 🙂

thumb Rachael K.

  Great adjustment and very nice place and staff.
Got me a appointment on short notice and helped a ton.

thumb Brian D.

  I've been going to Dr. Ben Johnson for the better part of 10 years.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, and very practical in his application and techniques. He is so different from other chiropractors that yank you around and make you feel like you were in a car accident afterwards. He is incredibly gentle and thorough with his examinations. Generally, within an hour or two of seeing him, my migraines are gone. I've recommended him to multiple friends, and all my family members, all of whom still go to him. He is not only professional, but he is very personable and takes a true interest in you as a whole person, takes an interest in your family and what you are up to. He treats you like family! If you're looking for an amazing chiropractor, who has the ability to give you better care than just a snap, crackle, pop, this is the place to go! I cannot recommend Dr. Ben high enough!

thumb Wendy E.

  The care here is awesome! The staff is very attentive and welcoming and the chiropractor gets the job done. My favorite aspect of this place is that the chiro is honest, if he thinks my back is in good shape and if I'm not having problems he doesn't try to get me to book 3 appointments in one week. He tells me to come and go as I need, so I don't feel any pressure. They also include TENS and massage if needed.

thumb Alyssa W.